Company Profile

                          SEPMEM, is a leading engineering company specialized in Process Technologies Design and Modular Treatment Units Supply for the Oil & Gas Industry. Because each project is unique and requires highly reliable and cost effective solutions, we timely deliver since over 12 years, fully guaranteed modular process equipment packages, for all kind of Oil & Gas processing applications.


                          Leading Technology

                          With its complete portfolio of advanced licensed technologies, SEPMEM is the leading contractor and comprehensive solution provider of oil & gas field EPC engineering among China. We offer integrated treatment solutions optimized for each specific project, covering the following applications: Natural Gas Purification, Natural Gas Liquefaction, Light Hydrocarbon Extraction, Industrial Gas Separation, and Sulfur Recovery etc. with the support of company’s professional R&D department, some domestic and foreign research institutions, and technological partnerships with major players.


                          Modular Equipment Supplier

                          An experience of over 100 modular units, both onshore and offshore, allows SEPMEM to deliver modular solutions tailored to meet any client’s specifications and projects' challenges such as, for instance, harsh climatic conditions, transport or plot area limitations, minimal shutdown of ongoing operations.

                          Services Provider

                          In all its expertise areas, SEPMEM offers a full scope of services: