Public Benefit Activities

                          In Sepmem, we are committed to tapping our innovative potentials and maintaining business integrity. In the course of promoting our business, we have also launched a wide variety of public benefit activities to overcome the grave challenges confronted by our partners and the living communities and contribute to society.
                                  This means that we apply our concept and strategy of business development to undertaking our obligations and responsibilities as a corporate citizen. With the expansion of our business in the emerging markets such as domestic and international large-scale enterprise development and green energy development, we will consistently face up to challenges and adhere to the sustainable development approach when utilizing our capital, technological and intelligent resources in investment and construction, which will bring benefits to our investors, customers, staff and the living communities alike. From customer/supplier relations to enterprise policy and shareholders’ goals, we will take comprehensive measures to fulfill our promises. 
                                  The major fields of our duties as a corporate citizen
                          Sepmem aspires to be a leading enterprise in performing the duties of a corporate citizen. For this end, we need to identify the key fields related with our business. In the aspect of public benefit affairs, Sepmem has identified four major fields in line with its development strategy. We believe that we will be able to undertake our duties as a corporate citizen in these fields and assume a leading role: 
                          Ecomagination Strategy
                          The ecomagination strategy aims to provide our customers with more high efficient products and services and satisfy their needs.
                          Emerging Market
                          Development in the emerging market will not only promote our business but also lay a solid foundation for Sepmem to better undertake its duties as a corporate citizen.
                          Business Integrity & Management
                          Business integrity & management will be a foundation for a good reputation. It requires the support of a good enterprise culture.
                          Health, Safety & Environment
                          The relevant facilities will be established and measures taken to maintain employee security and reduce environmental impacts. 

                          Voluntary Activities
                          In Sepmem, volunteers are organized among the whole staff to keep alert the needs of society, and are invited to participate in the construction of the living community where we live and work. The staff of Sepmem keep identifying the needs within their living community and providing their services. The community volunteer program has made multiple contributions in many fields such as education, children health & development, senior citizen help, and environment protection.
                                  After the massive 5.12 earthquake in Sichuan, under the call of the company leaders and motivated by the concern about the victimized people in the quake-hit areas, all the staff of Sepmem were enthusiastic about donation of blood and money, which reflects Sepmem's concept of “Harmonious Community & Common Development”.
                          It is one thing to believe in the theory of voluntary contribution, but it is quite another thing to put it into practice and experience it. The volunteers of Sepmem take out time and pull up their sleeves to devote themselves to the wellbeing of the community and the whole society.


                          Integrity & Good Faith of Sepmem
                          In commitment to its management policy, Sepmem has established and maintained a powerful enterprise culture that has honesty and compliance as the foundation. You may report to us any issues concerning honesty, Sepmem policy or government regulation compliance via email or telephone. If you hope to receive any reply, please leave your name, telephone number and address for us to contact you later.